Sews and Bows

TUTU PURSES (Just Tulle)

(Make for Great Party Favors or Gift Card Holders or Flower Girls)

Our tutu purses can be any color tulle.  Just state the color you desire in the field below.  I will be in contact with you to confirm your order if I have any questions.

Party Favor Item (just tulle, no fabric, no gusset or liner)
Color of Bag
Color of Tulle (Any Color)
Party Favor Sized Travel Chalkboard (10x12)
Indicate Fabric # Here


These little crayon rolls can be coordinated or matched perfectly with any of the bags you choose.  Or just purchase separately as a party favor.  They hold an assortment of crayons and you can choose your fabric. 

Crayon Roll-ups
Fabric Choice # Goes Here

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